What’s New With Digital Camera Lenses?

Lenses are an important part of photography. They help photographers create art in the images they capture. According to a leading camera manufacturer, the lens is the window to creativity that allows photographers to transform a scene into art.As digital cameras become more advanced, so do the lenses. Canon recently released two new professional lenses to add to its existing EF lens family. They are the EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM and EF 35mm f/2 IS USM.EF 24-70mm LensThe EF 24-70mm is capable of macro shooting. It is compact measuring only 93mm in length, lightweight, has a durable design and hybrid image stabilization feature. This is compatible with the Canon DSLR EOS 6D. What it can do is capture beautiful and clear images with great detail at various focal lengths.In terms of focus, this lens has inner focusing capability and has ultrasonic motor (USM) that allows for no-noise and fast autofocus. For those who prefer the manual mode, this lens has mechanical manual focus that can be enabled during AF operation.This new lens has the appropriate protective features as well. It is capable of resisting dust and water and has a fluorine coating both on the front and rear for easy maintenance.EF 35mm LensThe EF 35mm, on the other hand, has an image stabilization (IS) feature. It is a wide-angle prime lens that ensures the quality of images. Also, it has an optional manual focus.This type of lens is made with a durable body, a circular aperture diaphragm and lens coatings. It is capable of capturing soft backgrounds and top quality images.Storage for LensesFor those who own a number of lenses regardless of the sizes and who expect to get more in the near future, it’s time you get a proper storage for these treasured digital camera accessories. Think Tank has come up with a new bag made exclusively for storing lenses.Called the Glass Limo, this bag can accommodate 600mm lens or even a 500mm lens attached to a pro-sized body. It looks like a backpack with a contoured harness that makes it easy for photographers to carry it. Best of all, it meets the hand-carry requirements of most airlines. This means then, you can have your bag beside you in case you’ll be traveling by plane.Tenba has also its Transport long lens bag. The LL300 II bag can accommodate 300mm lens even if it is attached to a full-size professional SLR and additional camera body.Cases or bags for long lenses are ideal for photographers specializing in sports and wildlife as well as those who work with supertelephoto lenses. Tenba’s Transport is made from nylon which is water resistant and has self-healing zippers.It is very important to ensure that when you shop for a storage bag or case for your lenses, you determine first if they can accommodate the right size of lens you have. And make it a point as well to clean and keep your lenses in there when not in use.

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